International AIDS Society

Track Committees

Each scientific track has a track committee comprised of two track co-chairs and members who are selected with regard for expertise, region, and gender. The track committees play an active role in the preparation of the AIDS 2014 conference programme, from the initial planning stage through to finalizing the programme content.

Track A: Basic and Translational Research

Brigitte Autran, France
Anthony Kelleher, Australia

Committee members
Zhiwei Chen, China
Jeff Lifson, United States
Chewe Luo, UNICEF
Lynn Morris, South Africa
Asier Sáez-Cirión, France
Gilda Tachedjian, Australia

Track B: Clinical Research

Jenny Hoy, Australia
Stefano Vella, Italy

Committee members
Georg Behrens, Germany
Judy Currier, United States
Meg Doherty, WHO
Roy (Trip) Gulick, United States
Serge Paul Eholié, Ivory Coast
Carlo Federico Perno, Italy
Anton Pozniak, United Kingdom
Anita Shet, India
Khuanchai Supparatpinyo, Thailand
Edwina Wright, Australia

Track C: Epidemiology and Prevention Research

Peter Godfrey-Faussett, UNAIDS
Andrew Grulich, Australia

Committee members
Helen Ayles, Zambia
Rachel Baggaley, WHO
Carlos Caceres, Peru
Nigel Dickson, New Zealand
Nathan Ford, WHO
Margaret Hellard, Australia
Joseph Lau, Hong Kong
Sanjay Mehendale, India
Kate Shannon, Canada

Track D: Social and Political Research, Law, Policy and Human Rights

John de Wit, Australia
Justine Sass, UNESCO

Committee members
Maria Ekstrand, United States
Hender Gercio, Philippines
Sofia Gruskin, United States
Jing Jun, China
Patricia Lim Ah Ken, UNICEF
Veronica Noseda, France
Lydia Mungherera, Uganda
Richard Parker, United States
Tim Rhodes, United Kingdom
Matthew Weait, United Kingdom

Track E: Implementation Research, Economics, Systems and Synergies with other Health and Development Sectors

NweNwe Aye, Myanmar
Naomi Rutenberg, United States

Committee members
Gabriel Adeyemo, Nigeria
Jenny Butler, UNFPA
Andrea Ciaranello, United States
John Kaldor, Australia
Isabelle Meyer-Andrieux, Switzerland
Niranjan Saggurti, India