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Conference hubs - Access the conference online!

The AIDS 2014 conference hubs programme has been streamlined in response to user recommendations from AIDS 2012 and incorporated into the conference online. The objectives of the programme remain critical, but the administration of the programme has been updated and simplified.

Programme Concept

All sessions presented at the conference (except workshops) will be recorded and uploaded on the conference YouTube page and the Programme-at-a-Glance (PAG). Individuals and organizations working in the field of HIV around the world can select relevant sessions to stream at no cost, watching them individually or hosting workshops or forums for their colleagues and communities. Additional events, such as trainings can organized alongside the conference material so that the event can be fully adapted to fit the needs of the audience. Organizers are encouraged to select either a topic or a population on which to focus and browse the conference programme to select appropriate sessions to screen. AIDS 2014 organizers suggest that sessions screening are followed by moderated discussions with local or regional experts to examine how the session content can be used to strengthen the local or regional HIV response.

Programme Objectives
  • Expand participation and facilitate access to conference content
  • Generate local synergies and media interest
  • Expand the scope of the International AIDS Conference, making it a truly global event
  • Better link the regions to the conference and vice versa
  • Create partnerships between local and regional stakeholders
  • Strengthen the local HIV response
  • Expand local networks and increase the visibility of local stakeholders
  • Facilitate discussion and debate among stakeholders, potentially leading to comprehensive planning at local or regional levels

New for 2014

  • No applications or event evaluation is required
  • All of the core conference sessions (except workshops) will be recorded and made available through the new conference YouTube page, in addition to being available through the Programme-at-a-Glance (PAG)
  • Conference logos, press and media releases, and other promotional materials will be available online May 2014

How the programme works

At least two presentations from the conference should be shown at the event and be followed by a moderated discussion with participants to examine how the information or data presented can be used to strengthen the regional or local HIV response. Organizers are also encouraged to organize trainings that complement the selected conference sessions they have chosen to screen. The programme of the workshop or forum should facilitate discussion and debate among stakeholders, potentially leading to the development of a comprehensive plan for future action at the local or regional levels.

Many items necessary for a successful event may be readily available in your organization or network such as a venue, computer, projector, screen, etc. allowing you to hold the your event at minimum cost. However, some expenses may be incurred if a venue, a broadband internet connection, additional human resources, and/or equipment such as a sound system are not readily available.

Please note that all conference hubs should be organized free of charge for participants. Organizers are welcome to charge the cost price for any food and beverages offered, but these events should be not for profit. Organizations or individuals hosting a workshop or forum are responsible for any extra expenses incurred.

Call for proposal

Due to the timing of AIDS 2014, conference organizers recognize that there is a need to make the conference accessible to those unable to attend due to observance of Ramadan.

If you are interested in organizing a workshop or forum in conjunction with the Conference Secretariat to be held after the end of Ramadan (7 August 2014) in an Islamic majority setting or the Asia Pacific region, please complete an application and send it to Megan Warren at .

Please note that to achieve the objective of this event, it must be held in a country with a large Muslim population.


Webinar Materials

Take the conference to your community: host a hub!
8 May 2014

Visit the AIDS 2014 webinar page to watch the video and to download the PowerPoint presentation.