International AIDS Society

Sponsorship Opportunities

Selected sponsorship opportunities for the 20th International AIDS Conference will provide conference supporters with a number of ways to enhance their visibility and association with the event. Promotional items will be selected to allow each sponsor unique ways of associating brands or messages with different aspects of the conference – just make sure to let us know which item interests you before it is too late!

The AIDS 2014 Commercial Invitation is available here. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Available Sponsorship Items (details listed below):

Exclusive Items


Promotional Items

Media Sponsorship Oppotunities

Special Requests

If you have any other particular request about how you would like to present your organization at the conference, please contact [email protected] as soon as possible.

AIDS 2014 YouTube Channel
USD 100,000 (+GST 10%)

This new initiative provides online access to recordings of all major sessions of AIDS 2014. In addition to fixed recording of sessions, a roaming camera crew will capture other conference highlights to feed the channel. Thus, people worldwide will be able to watch recorded conference sessions, as well as conference highlights and interviews with key note speakers, leaders in the field of HIV/AIDS, and conference delegates.

The homepage of the AIDS 2014 YouTube channel will be branded with the sponsor's logo and name, which will also be listed on the AIDS 2014 website and in all conference publications

Juice Bar Per ½ Day (up to four sponsors)
USD 10,000 (+GST 10%) per ½ day plus signage cost (up to four locations available per day)
Included: 3,5 hour duration, 50 juices (2 flavours), 1 juice bar attendant, blender and display

The Sponsor is given the opportunity to provide a Juice Bar in the exhibition area (exact location will be advised by the event management). The sponsorship of the Juice Bar will present a networking opportunity for the sponsor by providing participants with a healthy juice (restricted service times). The sponsor can provide branded cups & napkins, table cloths, t-shirts, etc. – beverages will be provided. If ordered in time, the Juice Bar can be built as part of the sponsor's booth.

Espresso Bar Per Day (up to four sponsors)
USD 10,000 (+GST 10%) per day plus signage cost (up to four locations available per day)
Included: two skilled bar attendants, 850 cups

The Sponsor is given the opportunity to provide an Espresso Bar in the exhibition area (exact location will be advised by the event management). The sponsorship of the Espresso Bar will present an excellent networking opportunity for the sponsor by providing participants with espresso coffee (restricted service times). The sponsor can provide branded cups & napkins, table cloths or t-shirts, etc. – beverages will be provided. If ordered in time, the Espresso Bar can be built as part of the sponsor's booth.

Charging Station
USD 7,000 (+GST 10%)
3 stations available

Sponsor one or all (3) charging stations disseminated in the conference centre during the conference – or think about having it as part your booth!

This charging station caters for up to 16 devices at once (12 phones in the pockets and an additional 4 phones and/or tablets on the charging lip), attracting the highest possible number of delegates. It offers plenty of branding space, with two backlit posters to use for advertisements and/or promote the free charging service, as well as the ability to fully brand in vinyl. Please see visuals and specifications here.

Ad in the Pocket Programme
Inside back cover: USD 18,000 (+GST 10%)
Inside Page: USD 12,000 (+GST 10%)
Artwork to be supplied by the sponsor according to design specifications

The pocket programme is an indispensable "quick and easy" reference guide for all conference delegates and the only printed publication at AIDS 2014. Provided to each delegate at registration, the pocket programme contains colour-coded information regarding times and session halls for the numerous topics, together with a map of the conference centre. It also includes information about services offered at the conference.

Ad in the General Information Guide (online publication)
USD 5,000 (+GST 10%)
Web-version artwork to be supplied by the sponsor according to design specifications

In an effort to reduce the quantity of printed publications, the General Information guide is a brochure issued online only, usually in May of year of the conference. It provides information on the host city and country, the venue, and the conference in general. It has become an essential publication of the conference. Ads will be compiled in alphabetical order.

Onsite Advertisement Opportunities (banners, pillar wraps, etc.)

The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre offers various opportunities for onsite advertising in the form of panels, banners, towers, and many other products. Download our brochure for more information.

The AIDS 2014 Support Wall
Resilient Supporter: USD 5,000 (+GST 10%)
Enduring Supporter: USD 10,000 (+GST 10%)
Permanent Supporter: USD 20,000 (+GST 10%)

For the first time the International AIDS Conference launches a digital sponsorship programme and offers sponsors a highly visual way to show their support. The AIDS 2014 Support Wall will show your commitment in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Up to 39 sponsors can express their support to help us build this wall.

The AIDS 2014 Support Wall is accessible from the AIDS 2014 homepage, which receives over 25,000 visits per month, and offers you three levels of sponsorship:

Exhibitors: Enhance your Exhibitor Profile on the Mobile App
USD 1,500 (+GST 10%)

Boost your exposure in the exhibitor listing on the Mobile App by adding your com¬pany's logo, complete details, and a paragraph highlighting what makes your booth a must-see in the Exhibition.

Satellite Holders: Splash Screen Exposure on the Mobile App
USD 5,000 (+GST 10%)

Offer your satellite session incredible exposure through the Mobile App with a splash screen popping up upon opening the Satellites tab.

Flyer in Delegate Bag
USD 12,000 (+GST 10%)
Included: distribution and on-site logistics

The flyer must be relevant to the conference and approved by the conference organiz¬ers. Artwork is to be supplied by the sponsor according to design specifica¬tions. The flyer can feature the company's logo, satellites, or exhibitions.

Gifts (Pads, Pens, Bookmarks etc.) in Delegate Bag
USD 5,000 (+GST 10%)
Included: distribution and on-site logistics

Pads, pens, and bookmarks are essential for all delegates, as well as being popular collectibles at the conference. These items give sponsors a way of providing del¬egates with a much-needed item, as well as a visible advertising method that the delegates will take away with them.

Sponsors are welcome to come forward with suggestions of their own for alternate items.

Flyers at Plenary Sessions
USD 5,000 per day (+GST 10%) plus production and delivery costs
Included: distribution by volunteers

Flyers will be distributed at the entrance of the Plenary at the start of each day. These flyers can be used, for example, to advertise the sponsor's satellite symposium or ex¬hibition booth.

Media Centre
USD 20,000 (+GST 10%)
Included: hiring costs of computers, IT support, infrastructure

AIDS 2014 is expected to convene approximately 1,200 media representatives. The state-of-the-art AIDS 2014 Media Centre will – with its interview and meeting rooms, information and publication areas, and AV broadcast booths – serve as the hub for all participating media. As Media Centre leads to the press conference room where all media briefings will be held, it will also be visited by high level speakers and conference spokespeople.

The exclusive sponsor of the Media Centre will receive high-profile exposure through:
  • Screensavers on each computer featuring the sponsor's logo.
  • Start page of the sponsor's website.
  • Sponsor recognition on signage at the entrance and throughout the Media Centre.
  • Sponsor recognition at the Media Centre information desk, featuring the sponsor's name and logo.
  • Recognition as the official sponsor of the AIDS 2014 Media Centre on the conference website and in pre-conference and on-site publications.

Media Tour
USD 25,000 (+GST 10%)

In 2014, a media tour will take place in Asia Pacific and Australia to maximize the interest and awareness of AIDS 2014. The tour will visit Bangkok, Beijing and New Delhi, as well as Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne. The media tour, featuring high level speakers such as the AIDS 2014 co-chairs and scientific experts, will reach out to international media and potential delegates. The speakers will present the conference objectives, and discuss the latest scientific developments that will set the tone for AIDS 2014. Each event will be interactive and include a panel discussion to a selected audience of around 150-200 people.

Sponsors of the AIDS 2014 Media Tour have a unique opportunity to reach a diverse audience, and to convey their own key messages and branding at an international stage. Sponsors will be recognized and acknowledged on the conference website and all Media Tour related materials and publications.

Media Training
USD 3,000 (+GST 10%)

Media coverage will play a vital role in raising the profile of AIDS 2014 and promoting HIV awareness. Unfortunately, the level of knowledge regarding the HIV epidemic is not always up to par, especially for media representatives from resource-limited settings and from areas heavily affected by HIV/AIDS. The Media Training, open to all media delegates and compulsory for all media scholarship recipients, will help media representatives to better understand and cover an issue with complex scientific, social, and cultural implications. The Media Training will also cover the key aspects of the conference programme and therefore will be a useful meeting for all media.

The sponsor of the Media Training will be offered the exclusive opportunity to contribute to the training as a guest-speaker. Further, the sponsor will be recognized on the conference website, in all communication materials related to the event, and will also be acknowledged at the beginning of the session.

AIDS 2014 Souvenirs
USD 20,000 (+GST 10%)

A popular and returning feature at AIDS 2014 will be the Souvenir booth. Souvenirs allow conference participants to show their support for the conference by taking home a reminder of AIDS 2014. Notepads, water bottles, USB sticks and T-shirts among others, have proven to be 'must-have' items in the past. Proceeds of the sales of AIDS 2014 Souvenirs will support the AIDS 2016 International Scholarship Programme.

The sponsor of the Souvenir booth will receive high profile recognition through:
  • Branding of the AIDS 2014 Souvenir booth, which will be located at a premium location in the conference venue.
  • The opportunity to co-brand several souvenir items such as notepads, pens, and water bottles.