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AIDS 2014 Press Conferences

The AIDS 2014 Media Centre will have two press conference rooms (the largest press conference room, PCR 1 will seat around 80 journalists, will the smaller press conference room, PCR 2, will seat approximately 40 journalists).

The current schedules are available for Press Conference Room 1 & 2 (PCR1 & PCR2), please note that they are subject to change, so during the conference please check with the staff at the Media Centre info desk for the most updated schedules.

If you are holding a press conference, please remember you can have up to 12 daily media passes from your speakers and your staff to access the Media Centre. However, all your representatives need to be registered for the AIDS 2012 conference in order to access the building. The daily media passes will be distributed at the entrance of the Media Centre.

Bookings for third party press conferences are still open and will be approved on a first-come first-served basis. To send a booking request please read carefully the instructions and send us by email ( [email protected] ) the booking form filled with the requested information.

Kindly note that only press conferences linked to the AIDS 2014 Programme will be taken into consideration and that, when possible, they should take place on the same day as the relevant presentation.
















Press Conference Schedule

Download the current schedule for:

Press Conference Room 1 & 2 (PCR1 & PCR2)
(Updated 24 July 2014)