Q&A Session 3

Twenty Plus Positive Dialogues: People Who Have Lived with HIV for 20 Years or More

With increased access to better HIV prevention, treatment, care and support services, people living with HIV are living longer. Individuals living with HIV are now expected to live into, and beyond adulthood and as such, policies must evolve to meet the emerging needs of an ageing HIV population.

This panel discussion aims to increase awareness of issues related to HIV and ageing and will feature people who have lived with HIV for at least 20 years sharing their stories of living longer with HIV. Panellists will include an older person living with HIV from Africa, a young woman born with HIV and a former PEPFAR Director from the United States.

  • Mariangela Simao, UNAIDS, Rights, Gender, Prevention and Community Mobilization  Department, Director; Switzerland
  • Mark Dybul, Global Fund to Fight AIDS TB and Malaria Switzerland, Director; Switzerland
  • Michel Sidibe, UNAIDS Executive Director and Undersecretary General of the United Nations; Switzerland
  • Deborah Birx, Ambassador at Large and U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator; United States
  • Lweendo Mbulo, Network of Zambian People Living with JIV and AIDS, Teacher; Zambia
  • Stephen Waititi, Mildmay Hospital, Medical Doctor; Uganda
  • Warren Buckingham, Buckingham Global Health, Health Consultant; United States

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