Q&A Session 4

Where is HIV in Post-2015? Did the 'End of AIDS' Peak Too Soon?

Global consultative processes for the post-2015 Development Goals are taking a much broader perspective on sustainable development. In a crowded agenda that includes global inequalities, climate change, and urbanization, the HIV agenda struggling to find voice. The Civil Society Working Group on AIDS (CSWG) has emerged as the key global coalition of HIV and AIDS organizations advocating for a stronger HIV voice in these consultative processes.

This session will include presentations which focus on actions taken by CSWG partners in response to post-2015. A group discussion will follow, incorporating the development of a roadmap to help coordinate national, regional and global advocacy interventions.

  • Mary Ann Torres, International Council of AIDS Service Organisations (ICASO), Executive Director, Canada
  • Masaki Inaba, Global Call to Action Against Poverty, Executive Director, Japan
  • Moi Lee Liow, Asia Pacific Council of AIDS Service Organisations (APCASO),          Executive Director, Malaysia
  • Steve Kraus, UNAIDS Regional Support Team Asia Pacific, Regional Director, Switzerland

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